CHESS 101 (for Beginners):

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of chess rules, strategy and tactics. It includes lectures and discussions of the notation, the phases of game (opening, middlegame, and endgame), the checkmate patterns, and strategies. Additionally, topics of chess history and practical decision-making will be addressed. Each Class emphasizes understanding rather than rote memorization.

THINK LIKE A KING (for intermediate or advanced players):

Chess is a classic game that develops spatial thinking and strategies and builds focused concentration. Taught by a certified chess instructor, lessons will be tailored to individual needs and will provide theoretical explanations well as actual practice. Students will gain knowledge with the help of a workbook, demo board and other visual aids. Learn special tactics to trick your opponent such as: the pin, fork, discovered check, double check, double attack, and much more. Who knows? Maybe your son or daughter is the next Bobby Fischer!

SEMI-PRIVATE CHESS LESSON (all levels available):

Semi-private lesson taught by one instructor, with just TWO students. Each session focuses on actual game playing and analysis of tactics, blunders-made and customizing styles for each student.

Semi-private lesson is an effective way to learn chess for any student but can be most effective for families who:

  • Have children looking to work on specific chess skill sets
  • Have children that are seeking intensive training in advance of tournaments or competitive events
  • Have young children who are interested in learning chess, but who may not yet be comfortable in a classroom setting