Daily Practice – 04/24

In a mathematics contest with ten problems, a student gains 5 points for a correct answer and loses 1 point for an incorrect answer. If Olivia answered every problem and her score was 38, how many incorrect answers did she have?

Daily Practice – 04/23

Triangle ABC, ADE, and EFG are all equilateral. Points D and F are midpoints of AC and AE, respectively. If AB = 2x, BC = x + 8, find the perimeter of figure ABCDEFG.


Daily Practice – 04/22

A car leaves a town traveling at 40 mph. Two hours later, a second car leaves the same town, on the same road, traveling 60 mph. The second car drives how many hours to overtake the first car?

Driver in the red car

Daily Practice – 04/21

Five pepperoni circles will exacttly fit across the diameter of a 10-inch pizza when placed as shown. If a total of 10 circles of pepperoni are placed on this pizza without overlap, what fraction of the pizza is covered by pepperoni?


Daily Practice – 04/20

Four identical isosceles triangles border a square of side 8√2 cm, as shown. When the four triangles are folded up they meet at a point to form a pyramid with a square base. if the height of the pyramid is 6 cm, find the area of one triangle.


Daily Practice – 04/19

Alex and Bob ride along a circular path whose circumference is 15 km. They strt at the same time, from diametrically opposite positions. Alex goes at a constant speed of 35 km/h in the clockwise direction, while Bob goes at a constant speed of 25 km/h in the counter clockwise direction. They both cycle for 3 hours. How many times do they meet?

Daily Practice – 04/18

At Hope Middle School the mathematics teachers are Miss Germain, Mr. Newton, and Mrs. Young. There are 18 students in Miss Germain’s class,.There are 8 more students in Mr. Newton’s class than that in Miss Germain’s class. The number of students in Mrs. Young’s class is twice as many as the number of students in Miss Germain’s class. If all but one student are taking the AMC 8 Contest this year, how many students at Hope Middle School are taking the contest?

Daily Practice – 04/17

A square with an integer side length is cut into 19 squares, all of which have integer side length and at least sixteen of which have area 1. What is the smallest possible value of the length of the side of the original square?

Daily Practice – 04/16

Two 20×20 squares intersect at right angles, bisecting their intersecting sides, as shown. The circle’s diameter is the segment between the two points of intersection. What is the area of the shaded region created by removing the circle from the squares?


Daily Practice – 04/15

For his birthday, Ben gets a box that holds 216 jellybeans when filled to capacity. A few weeks later, Carrie gets a larger box full of jellybeans. Her box is three times the dimensions of Ben’s. Approximately, how many jellybeans did Carrie get?